Specialist High Skills Major

High school students need to be prepared more than ever for the work force ahead. The Ontario Ministry of Education has developed the SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program to help our students succeed.

At Virtual Training Network, we offer a range of SHSM certificates and ICE training. Some of our course options include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Service

    Learn key customer service techniques for both internal and external customers. Utilizing real life examples and role playing, students work with each other while under instruction to help build an understanding. They will learn why it’s more important to retain a current customer rather than find a new one plus so much more.

  • Business Marketing

    Utilizing examples of actual operating companies, we will examine to current state of marketing and how it’s changing. Through group activities, we will engage students creativity to develop a rough marketing plan for a new product. Traditional ads are going by the way side and new forms of reaching your target market are emerging. Are you ready for it?

  • Project Management

    Whether it be in the traditional sense or simply your day to day life, more gets done when you plan. While sounding tedious, we make learning about planning and time management fun. We introduce new tools to students that show them great ways to help start their path to effective time use. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

  • LinkedIn Portfolio Development

    Social media is engrained in the younger generation. But do they really know how to use it? Do they understand how to put their best foot forward and show potential employers that they are THE candidate for them? Are they ready to make the leap into self employment and are they portraying a credible image to the market? We help students see the value and differences inherent in business social media.

Students NEED to be engaged in order to learn. With today’s world, a work place that is more and more virtual is inevitable. By providing a fun, interactive and engaging workshop, students benefit by learning key fundamentals which will help them succeed in their chosen profession and industry.

Our instructors for the SHSM program ensure that the content is relevant and directed to students interests and age group.

Contact us  today to find out more about how Virtual Training Network can help your SHSM program in a fun and affordable way.